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Heavenly Hebes

Hebes are very versatile, bringing colour to borders and containers every month of the year.

If you’re looking for an evergreen shrub that will look good all year round, hebe is a great choice. Many varieties are naturally compact, so they suit small gardens and patio containers, and the evergreen leaves range in colour from silvery-green to deep claret. Some have small dainty foliage which can be clipped into formal shapes or grown as a low hedge, while others have longer leaves and pretty summer flowers. Bees and butterflies adore hebe blooms, too, because the white, pink or lilac flowers are laden with nectar.


Stylish alternatives

Varieties we recommend include ‘Claret Crush’, with its burgundy winter foliage and purple summer blooms.

‘Frozen Flame’ has striking pink leaves in spring.

Variegated ‘Lady Ann’ which has spikes of pink flowers in summer.

You’ll also find many other lovely hebes in store.

How to look after your hebe plants:

  • Choose a good spot in the sun or part-shade
  • Add a little grit around the roots when planting
  • Protect from strong winds and frost
  • Water hebes in containers, especially in hot weather
  • Trim in autumn, after your hebe has flowered

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