How to Start Gardening - Squire's Garden Centres

How to Start Gardening

There’s so much to be said for getting out into your backyard and making a garden of it. Gardening has long been a quintessential British pastime and, whatever space you’re working with, there’s so much potential in making your garden bloom. Yet it’s understandable that so many first-time gardeners feel a tad overwhelmed with it all. Our climate can support more plants, trees, flowers, vegetable and fruit than anyone could ever hope to fill a garden with, and the list of potential types of gardens you could grow is hardly a short one either. But everyone has to start somewhere and, luckily, there are a handful of solid tips and pointers that every budding gardener can turn to and get their backyard bloom off to a start. Yet the most obvious, there are no exact rules and regulations, it all depends on what type of space you’re working with and, most importantly, what type of garden you want!


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