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Ideas to Decorate Your Front Door for Christmas

The festive season is coming and while lots of attention goes into the décor inside the home, there’s a lot we can do elsewhere, such as our front door areas. The front door itself is the gateway to our humble abodes. It’s a focal point for those looking in, and a point of transition for what’s inside to family members and guests alike. So, why not set off on the right festive tone from the start? We’ve got some great Christmas décor ideas for front doors below that will add some real kerb appeal, spready joy, and might even make some neighbours slightly jealous. Read on!

A Fresh Lick of Paint & a Polish

Is your door looking a bit dreary and worse for wear? Chances are the door itself is still solid, so give it new life with a fresh coat of paint. It might be a little more work for you, but do you really want to hang a lovely wreath, lights and garland around a door that’s a bit drab? Your door itself is a focal point for your front exterior so it’s worth doing. Polish any brass too and clean any windows. Put your best foot forward!

Consider Your Scene

What kind of scene will you create around your front door? Will you go traditional with a lovely wreath on the door? How about a more minimal look? Or, go all out with an extravagant set of arrangements and lighting? Will you incorporate any natural elements, perhaps a mix of natural with good quality artificial elements? Lots to consider for sure but it pays to start with the wreath.

Choosing The Wreath

When ‘the’ is put in front of a word, you know it’s significant. Choosing your wreath is worth a bit of thought for sure as it will sit almost at eye level, right in the centre of the door. Will you choose a wreath with energy efficient LED lights? How about a rich luxurious red and gold wreath with plenty of foliage, snowflakes and more? Perhaps even make your own.

Outdoor Garlands

If you have the space an outdoor garland framing your door can add even more Christmas magic, almost like a gateway to inside. Top of the door varieties are still lovely too and you can add more decorations to them yourself depending on the look you are going for.

Add Lights to Make it Sparkle

Adding some fairly lights for a sophisticated bit of sparkle to your wreaths and garlands will give them something extra, especially in the evening when people may otherwise be unable to see the lovely door display. You can also frame the path with outdoor lanterns to show the path inside. Using different sizes adds a bit of texture and interest too and works in almost any space. 

Add LED Christmas Characters

Adding some beautiful light up reindeer or snowmen can give your guests an extra special welcome into the home and create a little Christmas scene to brighten up the dark nights for passers-by.

Pre-lit Christmas Trees

Small pre-lit Christmas trees (trees that already have the lights wrapped around the branches) are also a great way to add a touch of elegance to your door décor and spread the festive cheer even further. Pop them in a stone pot for an even classier touch.

Front Door Décor Equals Christmas Cheer

Using these easy ideas, you can make your front door look absolutely fantastic over the festive period. Why not take a look through our Christmas catalogue of products to find exactly what decor you need to style your front door to suit you? No matter what your style, we’re sure they’ll be stunning and bring a whole season of Christmas joy to guests and your neighbours.

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