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Make Your Garden a Place for Wellbeing

Transform your garden into a space for relaxation with these tips on sensory planting and wildlife-friendly garden features.

Unwind outdoors

Make your garden a haven where you can enjoy other hobbies, too – such as yoga, flower-drying to make herb pillows, painting whatever is in bloom, or picking herbs for use in cooking or as herbal teas at bedtime.

Beautiful gardens wellbeing article yoga in garden

Consider colour

The colours in your garden can enhance your mood. Blues and purples are likely to have a calming effect, while shades of green soothe and re-balance. And if you’re looking for an energy boost, add a pop of orange: it’s believed to be the colour of creativity and optimism.

Beautiful gardens wellbeing article colourful shrubs

Introduce some water

Water of any kind will make your garden a more relaxing place – this could be the soothing sounds of a bubbling water feature, or the addition of a bird bath or a wildlife pond.

Beautiful gardens wellbeing article water feature in garden

Grow tasty edibles

Salad veg, soft fruit, cooking herbs and edible flowers are all easy to grow, even in a small space. Colourful edibles like sweet peppers, tomatoes and strawberries are rich in potassium and vitamin C, and are especially nutritious when eaten freshly picked.

Beautiful gardens wellbeing article water grown in garden

Attract pollinating insects

When planting a new pot or border, prioritise insect-friendly planting where you can. Many popular garden plants are also favourites of bees and butterflies, including buddleia, lavender, salvia and nepeta. Pop these summer-flowering plants in a sheltered sunny spot, and enjoy a queue of winged visitors.

Beautiful gardens wellbeing article butterfly on buddleia plant

Protect local wildlife

Listening to birdsong and the sound of bees humming can be incredibly restful. Encourage them to share the space with you by providing them with food and shelter – for example, by feeding the birds and installing bee hotels, bug piles and hedgehog shelters.

Beautiful gardens wellbeing article bee hotel in garden

Grow a plant sanctuary

Sensory relaxation

Plants that stimulate our senses can help us relax. Rosemary, eucalyptus and bay all have aromatic leaves that release scent when touched.

Beautiful gardens wellbeing article rosemary

Scent as therapy

The smell of rose and lavender can help to boost your memory power, reduce anxiety and improve your sleep quality.

Beautiful gardens wellbeing article lavender in garden

Magical movement

Gently swaying plants, like grasses and bamboos, create sound and movement that helps both body and mind to unwind.

Beautiful gardens wellbeing article bamboo in garden

Serene shapes

Plants with repeated patterns – like echeverias and ferns – can help us to switch off because, say RHS experts, these ‘fractal’ shapes are easy for our brains to process.

Beautiful gardens wellbeing article eucalyptus


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