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Poinsettia Flowers for Christmas

The Poinsettia flower is considered the iconic Christmas flower for its deep red bracts, and lush green foliage that evoke wonderful feelings that the festive season is here. As such it is widely used in Christmas floral displays and décor. It’s also the most popular houseplant sold in the UK every Christmas! Poinsettias also come in white, cream, as well as red and white spotted coloured varieties, but the red is the most popular of all of course.

What does the Poinsettia Symbolise at Christmas?

Poinsettias generally symbolise the spirit of Christmas, specifically goodwill and community, and in religious communities its shape is thought to resemble the star of Bethlehem. It also appears in Mexican storytelling as a Christmas flower. As the story goes a poor child placed weeds as an offering on an altar on Christmas Eve. Throughout the Christmas Eve mass that followed, the weeds slowly turned into incredible red and green poinsettia flowers representing a Christmas miracle! Thus, it has been widely adopted as the Christmas plant.

Poinsettia Ideas for the Home

Poinsettias can be incorporated into the home in various ways over the festive period to add vibrant colour and cheer throughout the home. They can be real or artificial and suit a variety of uses:

Christmas Tree

Artificial Poinsettias can be placed on your Christmas tree at varying levels to add more texture and interest. Add extra interest by using different colours of poinsettia such as red mixed in with the white variety. Just lovely.

Wreaths and Garlands

They can also be used in your Christmas wreathes and garlands to give it extra Christmasification. Imagine deep evergreen foliage, snow-tipped pinecones, gorgeous bunches of holly berries, and vibrant red poinsettias placed throughout.


Real poinsettias can also be put in pots throughout the home. The great thing about pots is that you can move them around. So, they could be a nice addition to a hallway display, or sat somewhere in the kitchen, fireplace, or even home office to festive things up a bit.

Having your poinsettias in pots has the added advantage of allowing them to live and grow right through until next year. You could also take cuttings and grow even more to make your home a Christmas poinsettia paradise the following year! They aren’t too difficult to care for which is great. Just make sure you’re watering them regularly; the general rule is when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Keep them in a brightly lit room too, but not direct sunlight. Make sure they’re not in a draughty spot also, and room temperature is fine.

Add Some Poinsettias to Your Home

So there we are, whether you opt for artificial or real poinsettias, they are a great way to add more Christmas colour and vibrancy to your home, and it can be done in some easy ways. They’ll really bring that Christmas look, and you can also use them as a talking point by sharing the Mexican miracle tale with friends and family. Take a look at our real poinsettias here.


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