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Six Perfect Pieces of Garden Furniture for Relaxation

When it comes to the garden, we see it as an extension of the home – another living room – and a very important place for relaxation and recreation. It’s more important than ever to use it as a space to disconnect from the outside world for a little while.  Furniture, in addition to planting, has a big part to play in that process. Whether a garden is large or small, there are many pieces to choose from in different styles to suit your taste that can help achieve this. But you don’t need to run out and buy lots, just a few furnishings used in the right way will achieve great results.

Here are our recommendations for six essential pieces of furniture to help make your garden a relaxing retreat.

Corner Sofa Set

Arguably one of the main focal points in a garden where you are most drawn to.  A corner sofa and table, with plush cushions (okay why not get a throw in there for the mix too?) can create an inviting outdoor living space to enjoy. Even better when it’s just you and you can get your feet up for a while to just relax, admire nature, and listen to your surroundings, or catch up on some reading.

You can see all our corner sofas and other seating here.

Sun Lounger

Sun loungers add a touch of ‘feet-up’ luxury to the garden, allowing you to stretch out and relax on your patio or deck or even balcony with a book, sipping a drink, or enjoying a well-earned snooze, easing your tension and fostering a deep sense of calm.

For our sun loungers, and other garden seating click here.

Bistro Table

A bistro table set is great for smaller spaces, or for additional seating in a different part of the garden. They can be placed away from the main gathering area, in a smaller more secluded area, creating a cosy and intimate area perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Click here to see our bistro sets, tables, and other furniture sets here.


A crucial but sometimes overlooked element especially during a hot sunny summer’s day. A parasol will give you a place to get shade away from the burning sun where you can close your eyes and relax. It will even save you for a while when you get that unexpected sudden British summer downpour.

You can see our parasols and parasol bases here.

Fire Pit

A fire pit if you have the space is a great addition to extend the day into the cooler summer and even autumn evenings. It provides warmth and comfort, creates a welcoming mood, and gazing into a flickering flame is known to put us into a relaxing state of mind.

For firepits and chimeneas click here.

Outdoor Lighting

Okay so it’s not exactly furniture, but it makes it on to our list because light is such an essential element to creating a cosy inviting mood on those long summer evenings. Solar lights are a great option to use alongside a firepit, adding to the cosy mood all around the garden, as well as offering practical illumination for paths that need a bit of a lift. There are many options to choose from, including string lights, festoon lights, lanterns, and more to suit. These are easily placed under the beams of a pergola, or along a fence, or placed decoratively around a patio and table area.

You can see our whole range of outdoor lighting here.

Transform Your Garden into a Tranquil Oasis

Plants, trees, and flowers definitely contribute to a tranquil and relaxing garden, and good garden furniture only enhances this. We only typically relax when we are still, sitting, or lying and for that a few comfortable (and stylish) furniture pieces are needed. Whether you have a large back garden, or a balcony, there are many options to choose from to make it an inviting and restful place to wind down and escape the stresses of life. Why not browse our outdoor living and décor range today and plan your own peaceful garden for the good weather this summer?


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