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Top Tools for Lawn Care and Maintenance

Keeping a lawn looking beautiful requires regular attendance to lawn care tasks the year-round. To get a lawn growing well in the first place, and to maintain it through months of use and changeable weather calls for the right duties carried out at the right time of year. Some of these duties require more regular attendance than others but almost all can be completed with a core set of garden tools that will see you through the year – and the years after that! If you’re properly caring for your lawn, you can guarantee plenty of use out of these top tools, making them a very worthwhile, if not essential, investment.

Close up of a red lawnmower's front wheels on a finely manicured lawn
An oscillating lawn sprinkler watering a lawn in summer
A gardener using lawn shears to neatly trim a lawn edge after mowing
A leaf rake being used to efficiently gather up leaves that have fallen on a lawn in autumn
A hand spreader in use spreading grass seeds over a lawn
An electric string strimmer used to take some grass off harder to reach places a mower can struggle with


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