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Which Fertiliser Do I Need?


Its high proportion of
phosphorus (NPK 4:20:0)
supports strong root growth,
which makes Bone Meal the
perfect choice when you want to
establish new plants and trees.

Using a fork, work into the
top layer of soil when you are
planting new trees, shrubs and
flowering plants, then water it
in. It is slow-release fertiliser, so
will release its goodness over the
whole growing season.

mycorrhizal fungi as well, when
you are planting, will help the
growing roots absorb minerals
and water from the soil. Learn more by watching the video on our mycorrhizal fungi page.

Fish, Blood & Bone

Made from natural products,
Fish, Blood & Bone also
contains a high proportion of
phosphorus, which is responsible
for good root growth (NPK

It is particularly effective
during the first couple of years
of a plant or tree’s growth. Like
Bone Meal, Fish, Blood & Bone
should be worked into the top
layer of the soil, and watered
well after applying.


This contains the three major
plant nutrients (nitrogen,
phosphorus and potassium) in
equal proportions (NPK 7:7:7),
making it a good all-round feed
for established plants.

The even
nutrient balance encourages
even growth stimulation in all
parts of the plants, which means
plenty of fruit and flowers,
healthy foliage and stronger

It should be applied every
4-6 weeks during the
growing season (from
February to the end of
October) and can be used
as a top dressing or worked
into the soil (as before).

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