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June Gardening Tips

For me June is the month for roses, without doubt my favourite flower. They have beauty, scent and of course those thorns to add an element of edginess. I know I have mentioned some of my favourites before, but I would not be without Gertrude Jekyll, The Fairy, Champagne Moment and Natasha Richardson in my garden, yes they are all pink or cream but I have found them to be very reliable and just totally gorgeous.

New for me this year is Queen of Sweden as part of the small cutting garden we are trying to establish. The best performing climber in my garden is undoubtedly the Generous Gardener but this one needs some space. Mme Alfred Carriere is an old favourite and Simple Life is a newer addition for us. Keep dead heading to promote more flowers and feed roses that have finished flowering to encourage a second flush later on.

Having taken time to smell the roses here are a few more jobs for June that are fun as well as fruitful

Plant summer bedding plants in borders, containers and hanging baskets now the danger of frost is over. Water containers and baskets regularly, ideally once a day either early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is not shining on them and liquid feed once a week.

Prune early flowering shrubs such as Deutzia, Philadelphus, Weigela, Kerria and flowering currants that have finished flowering by cutting back to a healthy bud.

Evergreen hedges such as  Privett, Yew and Lonicera nitida may be clipped in June.

Earth up potatoes when the foliage reaches approximately 6-9 inches in height. This stops any potatoes that grow near to the surface from turning green and inedible.

Do not worry if apples start to drop small fruits. This is called June Drop and is a natural thinning process.