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12 Christmas Trends to Look Out for This Year

With Christmas fast approaching it’s time to think about how to decorate your home, and the perfect gifts to give to family and friends. Squire’s Garden Centres has highlighted some of the key Christmas trends to look out for this year.

  1. Go Large! – Make up for last year by going big on Christmas this year. Expect to see bigger trees, more decorations, more lights and sparkle, and extra dinner table décor to make this Christmas extra special.
  2. Multiple Trees – A recent survey by Squire’s Garden Centres found that 11% of people are planning on having more Christmas trees in their house than they did last year, with 30% of respondents saying that they would have two trees, and 11% are planning on having three or more trees! The traditional Nordmann Fir is still one of the most popular real Christmas trees, but many people are buying additional trees, real or artificial, to put in other rooms of the house. Some more contemporary options include LED twig and Cherry Blossom trees that can be used year-round, not just at Christmas. Potted Christmas trees by the front door also make a great entrance and will welcome your guests in and give your house the wow factor.
  3. Lights, lights and more lights! – Outdoor lights around the front door and in the front garden will bring joy to neighbours, friends and family. Micro lights and cascade lights are very pretty around the front door. This year Squire’s expect outdoor illuminated figures to be very popular such as reindeer, snowmen, penguins and robins. They create a fun display that adults and children will love.
  4. Christmas Wreaths – Expect to see wreaths on many front doors, plus people buying an extra wreath to use as a centerpiece on the dining table.
  5. Sustainability – Eco-friendly and sustainable products are increasingly popular this Christmas. Look out for re-usable or fill your own crackers, recycled glassware, sustainable cards and wrapping paper, and St. Eval candles – a Cornish company who won the Queen’s award for sustainability this year.
  6. Support local businesses – Shopping locally benefits the local economy, local jobs and the community, plus you can often find more unique and individual gifts. Businesses like Squire’s Garden Centres source many of their products locally, reducing their carbon footprint while supporting British companies.
  7. Reconnect with nature – One of the biggest trends emerging this year is a rustic, homemade look. Expect to see a lot of natural elements such as twigs, berries, eucalyptus branches and dried fruit. Botanical themes and gardening motifs on products are also very popular. Look out for ‘Holly & Ivy’ china, and a range of tea towels, mugs and note books with botanical designs by Leatherhead-based company Toasted Crumpet.
  8. Colour themes – Squire’s has chosen three on-trend colour themes this year:
    1. ‘Star Light’ – Deep, dark moody blues, complemented by accents of warm and cream golds give a luxurious, opulent and celebratory feel.
    1. ‘The Night Before’ – Classic reds give a warm, cosy and nostalgic vintage feel.
    1. ‘Winter Wonderland’ – Silvers and snowy whites add a shimmery and enchanted feel to your home.
  9. Festive Food – Make sure your crisps have a festive flavour such as ‘Turkey & Stuffing’ or ‘Pigs in Blankets’. And treat yourself or others to something sweet, such as a traditional Gingerbread House kit, a giant bottle of popcorn, Hot Chocolate Bombs or 12 jars of Christmas sweets.
  10. Nostalgia – Nutcrackers, candles, wooden villages and vintage ornaments are making a resurgence, as are traditional paper advent calendars with beautiful illustrations.
  11. Houseplants – They look good all-year round and make great gifts. Christmas favourites include Poinsettia, Cyclamen, Hyacinth and cute mini Christmas trees.
  12. Christmas Fun – Every home needs a snome! These charming festive characters are sure to raise a smile. They perch perfectly on steps and stairs, beneath the Christmas tree, or by the fireplace, and some of their beards even light up!

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