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Banish January Blues with Houseplants to Hug!

The third Monday in January is known as ‘Blue Monday’ (Monday, 16th January). For some the most down days of the year are here, due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and the arrival of credit card bills. However, instant cheer can be found by adding a houseplant or two to your home.

Everyone needs a hug from time to time and Saturday, 21st January brings ‘National Hugging Day’ to us.  The combination of hugs and nature is a perfect match to make people feel better. So it’s a great week to get close to nature and give houseplants a hug!  A happy houseplant makes for a happy person and January is the perfect time to be showing some love, care and attention to your existing houseplants. Or perhaps it is time to buy a new houseplant to add some healthy greenery to your home or as a cheering gift for friends or family.

Jeremy Hall, Plant Buyer, Squire’s Garden Centres, comments: “There are so many benefits to bringing houseplants into the home.  As well as looking good they can be psychologically beneficial, improving mood and reducing stress levels. When added to an office environment they may increase working productivity and lengthen attention span.* They are known to improve air quality and they give people a focus by providing something to care for, which in turn can help reduce anxiety.  By adding character and greenery to the home, at a time when outdoor plants may be looking bare, houseplants really bring  welcome winter cheer.”


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