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How to care for wildlife in your garden

Bird eating from feeder
Help wildlife in your garden by offering food, water and shelter

This time of year can be tough for wildlife. Cold temperatures cause animals to lose body heat much faster, and natural food is less available, particularly if the ground freezes and they cannot forage around for insects. But we can give our native wildlife a helping hand! Think of your garden, or your balcony or window ledge, as a vital patch where animals can get the shelter and food that they need.

To help care for wildlife in your garden, Squire’s Garden Centres suggest that you provide the following:


Aim to offer a variety of seeds, nuts, grains, fruits, and fats to satisfy the needs of a range of species. Different birds like to eat different things. Robins like fruits, Sparrows and Finches enjoy seeds, and Tits like nuts. Starlings will eat almost anything. You can buy wild bird food and specific food for hedgehogs and squirrels too.

Feeding Stations

It is very easy to put a bird feeder in your garden. Ensure it is placed in an area where birds can feel safe and make a quick getaway. There are also feeders for other animals too. Why not add a squirrel feeder to your garden and let these beautiful creatures entertain you with their antics!


All creatures need water to drink, but birds also need to bathe themselves every day. It’s a crucial task for feather maintenance as it loosens dirt and makes their feathers easier to clean. To help with this, a pond or bird bath is great, but you can also use an upturned bin lid or even a saucer.


It’s National Nest Box Week from 14 – 21 February. Help celebrate by installing a nest box to provide birds with a much-needed place to raise their young.

Rupert Sleight, Manager at Squire’s Chertsey, says; “The more boxes you have, the greater the chance of birds nesting. Provide enough space between them though, as birds are territorial.”

You could also add a hedgehog home, a bee, butterfly or bug hotel, or simply create some log piles for insects and beetles.

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