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Plant Babies are the new Fur Babies

Houseplants make a home happy

Houseplants make an ideal living lockdown companion. With a little care they always look good, and unlike children or pets they never argue, make a mess or need to go out for a walk!

A growing number of people, especially millennials, are becoming plant parents, opting to look after houseplants rather than ‘fur babies’ (pets) or even the real thing (babies!). Houseplants are growing in popularity, and not just because we are spending more time at home.

Houseplants can make a real contribution to a healthy and happy home. Research has shown that they are great for physical and mental health, as they can improve air quality, reduce stress and boost productivity – great for those of us working from home. Caring for plants also encourages us to slow down and be mindful, improving our mood and wellbeing.

So become a proud plant parent, reconnect with nature and green up your home. Whether you want to make a statement with a bold Rubber Plant, add serenity with a Peace Lily, or are after something small and beautifully formed like a cactus or succulent, there’s a plant baby for everyone.

Squire’s Garden Centres has a range of houseplants to buy online for local delivery, click here to browse our range. You can also shop in-store subject to strict social distancing measures.


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