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Seize the Perfect Moment for Bulb Planting

Autumn: Nature's time to plant

With the current warm weather and welcome autumn rain, now is the perfect time to set-to with spring flowering bulb planting.  The much-needed downpours have now softened autumn soil and, as we experience a kind, mild climate, the balance is just right for getting ahead and planting an array of wonderful spring flowering bulbs now available.

Sarah Squire, Chairman, comments: “I love buying and planting bulbs.  The sight of the packets and bags of bulbs full of promise is a cheering, reassuring sight that spring will follow with nature’s wonders.  Planting can be lots of fun with wonderful rewards for the next season.

” While many bulbs can actually be planted from now right through until December*, obviously conditions will change as the weeks pass.  Right now however, as we still enjoy the balminess of the sun, there is an ideal window – the perfect harmony of warm and moist soil just right for bulb planting.”

Sarah’s top tips:

Size – Look to choose large, firm bulbs – if you are buying loose bulbs, this is easy to do.

Pre-packed – If buying pre-packed bulbs, look at the packaging which should advise the bulbs are from cultivated stock and have therefore been checked and are of high quality.

Planting – DO make sure bulbs are planted deep enough to ensure they continue to give a wonderful return year after year. Planted too shallow and bulbs will only look great for the first year.  Remember to check the packet for recommended planting depth.

Timing – with a little bit of thinking, the garden can have colour right through the springtime, so do look at the advice given on the packs for ‘planting time’ and ‘flowering time’.

Height – if planning a particular space, border or pot, think about which bulbs are planted where to ensure good height at the back, such as tall daffodils or fritillary, and crocus at the front, for low-level colour.

Quantity – When planting, DO be generous.  Plant bulbs in clumps for vibrant, high impact colourful displays next spring.  12-15 bulbs altogether can often provide a great, natural-looking display.

Bulb Varieties – Best-selling varieties include:

  • ‘Tete-a-tetes’ Dwarf Narcisses – perfect for early multiflowering
  • ‘Purissima’ Strong White ‘Emperor Tulips’
  • ‘Angelique’ Double Late Peony Flowering Tulips
  • ‘Purple Prince’ Single Early Tulips and ‘Blushing Apeldoorn’ Darwin Hybrid Tulips – both good for cutting
  • Large Flowering Mixed Crocus

All these varieties, and many more, offer excellent value for money and are priced at £4.99/pack or 3 packs for £12

Sarah continues: “Squire’s prides itself on only sourcing the biggest grade of bulb crop, which in turn produce better flower displays, so customers can be reassuring of the quality of the bulbs we sell.  The popularity of bulbs continues abound, with year-on-year growth, perhaps proof that so many of us find great pleasure in autumn planting and awaiting the delights that flourish come spring.”

Squire’s horticultural experts are on hand to provide more advice – see videos on choosing spring flowering bulbs and how to plant spring flowering bulbs.

*Pre-packaged bulbs should advise optimum planting time


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