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Spooky Halloween Houseplants

Old Man Cactus

This Halloween, treat yourself to some spooky houseplants to decorate your home. Choose plants with freaky foliage, orange colours or scary names.

Squire’s Garden Centres recommend the following houseplants:

  • Spider Plant
    • The Spider Plant gets its name from the trailing stems of baby plants or ‘spiders’ that shoot out from the base on long tendrils. Its trailing habitat makes it ideal for hanging pots.
  • Venus Fly Trap
    • To vamp up your home buy the wicked Venus Fly Trap. This carnivorous plant needs to consume flesh to live! Fortunately for us it dines on insects that wander into its gaping jaws, which are actually the plants leaves – but be careful, it’s a biter!
  • Aloe Vera
    • Aloe vera is a well-known succulent. The sap contained within the foliage is said to contain antiseptic which can destroy bacteria, fungus and viruses. It is an ideal plant for your bedroom as it releases oxygen at night and absorbs carbon dioxide.
  • Philodendron
    • A great foliage plant with dramatic leaves. Some varieties like ‘Black Cardinal’ have dark, almost black leaves. If you’re into dark houseplants then this one is for you!
  • Old Man Cactus
    • A spooky cactus with has fluffy white tufts of hair over the surface of its body. But beware…under that white hair are the sharpest of spines. Ouch!
  • Rattlesnake Plant (Calathea)
    • This plant has corrugated leaves, like dry skin on a rat. Its leaves are pale green and spotted with deep purple underneath which is velvety to the touch. The plant can actually move its leaves by changing the water pressure in the pulvini, the swollen nodes at the base of the leaf stalk.
  • Snake Plant (Sanseviera)
    • The variegated Snake Plant almost looks like fingers coming out of a pot. It has tall, sword-like leathery leaves, which are mottled grey-green in colour.
  • Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)
    • Devils Ivy, so called because it’s almost impossible to kill, is a decorative climber with glossy green leaves splashed with yellow. Allow it to creep on a pole for a spooky effect.
  • Mind Your Own Business (Nertera granadensis)
    • Also known as the coral bead plant, this creeping perennial has thin fleshy stems and is covered with orange berries.
  • Gourds
    • A fleshy, large fruit, with hard skin, gnarly gourds come in a variety of colours and are great to display in your home at Halloween.


  • Planters and pots – use orange, black or ghostly white ceramic pots, or ones with a rough texture. You could line a black or white pot with orange tissue paper to dress it up. Or wrap pots with orange ribbon. Why not get really creative and carve out a pumpkin and use it as a plant pot!
  • Where to put plants – inside the front door so visitors can see them immediately, or put them anywhere – in your lounge, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.


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