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Squire’s Cobham Shows Beavers & Squirrels how to get Growing!

Squire’s Garden Centres has been making growing fun for local children from 1st Oxshott Beavers and 1st Oxshott Squirrels, teaching them to grow their own potatoes that they will later see turned into freshly made chips!

Each child was given a pot, compost and chitted potatoes which they were shown how to plant by a Squire’s Plant Expert at their local centre.  After they had cleaned up their hands from planting, pupils enjoyed a drink and biscuit with the Squire’s team and then got ready to take their pots back to home, where they will be well-cared for over the coming months.

Returning in June, the Beavers and Squirrels will have their potatoes weighed and will eagerly await to see who has grown the most!  Everyone will then have their potato crop turned into the freshest of chips by the Squire’s Café Bar teams – from being in their compost to turned into fresh chips in less than 60 minutes – and then enjoy eating them!  The young grower who has produced the biggest potato crop will receive a special Squire’s goody bag.

Sarah Squire, Chairman of Squire’s Garden Centres, comments: “This is a wonderful opportunity for local children to get a good understanding of where food comes from – and importantly how easy it can for them to have a go at growing their very own, as well as looking after plants. Our centre Plant Experts love sharing their knowledge and encouraging the next generation of young growers to have an appreciation of nurturing plants.”

Part of a programme of activities to support local school pupils in the communities, Squire’s Grow Your Own Chips 2024 has seen almost 200 children attend the session with 11 schools and local groups participating in the initiative.

How to Care for Potatoes – Top Tips

Once potatoes have been planted:

  1. Place the container in a sunny place to be sure the potatoes will get enough light to grow.
  2. Feed potato plants every other week with potato fertiliser.
  3. Water the container when the compost begins to dry out, but be careful not to water too much.
  4. Cover the container with more soil as plants grow.
  5. Enjoy watching your potato plants grow!

Above: Local children from 1st Oxshott Beavers and 1st Oxshott Squirrels enjoy planting up their chitted potatoes


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