Squire's Festival of Primroses - Squires Garden Centres

Squire’s Festival of Primroses

Bringing joyful signs of spring!

Squire’s Garden Centres is excited to unveil its first ever ‘Festival of Primroses’, guaranteed to banish the winter blues and bring welcome signs of spring to its 16 centres from 1 March –and perfectly timed for Mother’s Day!

All Squire’s primroses are homegrown on their own nurseries too, reassuring to know that these spring gems have been grown locally and plant miles have been kept to an absolute minimum. This stunning, colourful event will see well-over 25 colours and varieties available to buy in Squire’s Garden Centres and set to deliver a real ‘wow’ for visitors.

Squire’s Plant Expert, Jeremy Hall comments: ”Our Festival of Primroses is going to be really special, bringing an abundance of magnificent colour and variety to our centres and providing inspiration for spring displays –  it promises to be a truly amazing sight!

“A traditional sign of lighter, brighter days confirming spring is on its way, primroses are cheery, strong plants that deliver a much-needed pop of colour in February and March. They make the perfect bedding plant for filling seasonal containers and window boxes.”

The festival (1-17 March 2024) will see a truly inspiring range of primroses with varieties including ‘Candy’, ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Rubens’ – a stunning double-flowered Primrose – as well as ‘Scentsation’, which   delivers a delightful fragrance.  Added to the festival cast, some primroses making their debut include ‘Japan’, ‘Mojito’ and ‘Raesberry Mix’.  In addition, there is a pleasing line-up of kaleidoscopic colours with delicious names including ‘Milkshake’, ‘Lemoncello’, ‘Sweetie’, Tinkerbell’ and ‘Zebra’ – all delivering a real feast for the eyes!

The evocative names of the primroses allude to the vibrant and unusual colourings of the plants. Meeting Squire’s exceptional standards, all primroses have been carefully selected by our expert plant buyer, Jeremy, as they are unashamedly the very best varieties available. Jeremy adds: “We are really excited about our ‘Festival of Primroses’ as all the plants have been grown on our own nursery in the West Sussex countryside. Our team has worked really hard to produce a phenomenal range of primroses of the highest quality for our customers to enjoy and we are really proud of this.”

Plants will be available in a range of sizes including Super Jumbo packs, 4.5 litre pots and 1 litre pots, with primroses presented in colour co-ordinated containers, adding a further pop of colour to the centre-based event, and offering something to suit everyone’s outside space be that balcony boxes, patio pots or larger displays. Primroses bring a sense of promise of the coming season and make a delightful gift for Mother’s Day too!

Primrose Care – Jeremy’s Top Tips

  • Primroses will thrive in partial shade
  • Plant using multi-purpose, peat-free compost
  • Thoroughly water newly planted primroses
  • Use liquid plant food every 10 days in early spring
  • Regular deadheading of primroses will help flowers bloom and keep them looking their best


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