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Squire’s Fish Expert Dan Brings Back New Season Koi Carp

Squire’s Garden Centre’s Aquatics Buyer, Dan Reep, has been on a mission to bring customers the eagerly awaited new season Koi Carp.

Expertly Chosen Koi

During a recent visit to Israel to meet with Koi farmers – chosen for its perfect climate for rearing Koi – aquatic’s expert Dan carefully chose the very best of the beautiful fish available for Squire’s customers back in the UK, the first trip to secure supplies of this coveted species since pre-Covid.  With five aquatics centres to supply, with Badshot Lea having one of the largest pond fish retail systems in the country, Squire’s is one of the largest importers of springtime Koi from Israel.  Having studied and qualified in Aquatics and Ornamental Fish Management, Dan has also spent time working on Koi farms in Israel giving him an in-depth understanding of the industry there, and so ensuring he is well-placed to make his annual selection.

Carefully Planned Travel & Quarantine

Dan arranges each step of the way for the movement of his personally selected Koi, ensuring a safe onward journey from farms in Israel, through to taking delivery of them himself when they arrive in the UK. In Israel, the fish are isolated and water cooled for 24hrs, so metabolism is slowed ensuring the fish travel better ahead of a carefully orchestrated freight delivery flight to the UK and then onward to their ultimate destination in Squire’s aquatic centres at Badshot Lea, Stanmore, Twickenham, Washington (West Sussex) and West Horsley.  On arrival at centres, the fish are quarantined for at least two weeks, slowly acclimatising to the gradually reduced pond spring temperatures before they are sold, having come from the warm Israeli fishponds which are 19 degrees.  As temperatures are slowly reduced, the fish are happy with the changes.  During the quarantine period, the Squire’s team feed the fish daily  with quality food to boost the fish’s immune system. Only once the fish are 100% happy and the temperatures in line with customers’ pond temperatures will the fish be available for sale.

The carefully timed buying schedule, which starts in February, ensures that the very best stock arrive in centres just in time for spring, the time when keen Koi Carp enthusiasts are ready to pay a visit and select from the stock.

Dan Reep comments: “We work with our trusted partners every step of the way to ensure we can select the very best Koi and Goldfish for our centres as we know our buyers are extremely discerning.  We put every effort in to ensure the safest passage for our precious cargo from the farms they are sourced through to our very own centres.  It is always a highlight for our teams when the fish arrive in our centres.”


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