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Squire’s Identifies Key Trends For Spring ‘23

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Spring is an exciting time of year – full of promise, longer days and warmer weather.  Coming out of hibernation, thoughts turn to what our gardens and growing space might have in store and how we can best prepare for the coming seasons.   As we officially enter spring, Squire’s Garden Centres sets out some key trends for the coming season.

Climate Resilient Gardening

After a challenging summer of drought last year, it’s timely to start to prepare for the potential of a similar environment and so the trend continues for creating climate-resilient gardens and displays that can withstand extreme heat and its challenges – think Mediterranean gardening.  Great additions to consider for spring planting include Lavender – English and French, Rosemary, Cistus and Convolvulus Cneorum, all providing reassurance that the garden is well-prepared for the challenges it may face.  Sarah Squire, Squire’s Garden Centres, Chairman, comments: “It is undoubted that we must prepare our gardens for a continued rise in temperatures as well as water conservation; the signs are there for us to evolve the way we garden and do it more sustainably.  We can start with simple adjustments and innovative preparations like introducing more Mediterranean style plants that can thrive in heat and also deliver long lasting colour, water butts to re-use rain water and considering swopping to peat-free compost as well  as creating environments to attract bees, butterflies and pollinators.

”Pastels continue to be on trend for spring and it is a good idea to seek out brighter colour schemes as the months move on as they really show up in stronger light levels.  Wonderful spring plants to introduce include Scabious, Hydrangea, Dahlia, Erigeron and Achillea.

Home Grown Produce

Another continuing trend showing no sign of slowing is ‘grow your own’ and for many good reasons.  Limited availability of imported produce like salads, rising food prices, awareness of supporting sustainability and the simple satisfaction of growing at home, have all contributed to the continued interest in home grown produce.   Helping promote grow your own, Squire’s has over 600 seed and over 60 plants varieties of vegetable to choose from as well as a helpful information available instore and online* – and now is the perfect time to get planting. 

In a recent survey carried out by the garden centre specialist, 25% of respondents said they plan to grow more this year, with 39% confirming that they would carry on growing the same amount as last year and 22% of respondents saying they would be introducing a new grow your own area.  Supporting this trend, Squire’s has seen a staggering rise in vegetable seeds of 70% over the last few months. 

Squire’s has made it even easier to have a go at home grown produce with the introduction this spring of a range of Value Kits, priced at just £25 (available in-store only) they are perfect to kick start the growing season.  The range includes Mixed Herb Pot, Tomatoes, Salad Pots as well as Flower Container Kit with each set including all that’s needed to get growing – terracotta pot, mix of plants and peat-free compost – as well as offering excellent value for money.

Sarah Squire comments: “Spring is a great time to involve all the family in growing at home with the reward of tasty produce.  The start of the season is perfect to teach young members of the family about growing and getting them interested in where food comes from – which can be on our own doorstep whatever sized garden.  It is an opportunity to inspire and educate the next generation of growers preparing them for the challenges of our climate and enabling them to lead more sustainable lives.”

On Trend Sustainable Houseplants

From shady corners to sunny shelves, the choice of houseplants on offer has never been better and Squire’s Garden Centres has an amazing range of these home-loving plants that bring nature into the home along with wellbeing benefits too.  Jeremy Hall, Plant Hunter at Squire’s Garden Centres comments: “Houseplants continue to be a tremendously popular choice by customers as they provide colour and texture with their dramatic foliage – they can really enhance the home as well as one’s mood.  As we continue to keep sustainability front of mind, we have worked in partnership with our suppliers to introduce a range of stunning houseplants from UK nurseries, including vibrant orchids and foliage houseplants – with the benefit of being locally grown and with reduced plant mile footprints too, something we know our customers will welcome.” 


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