Squire’s launch ‘Sustainability Champions’ programme - Squires Garden Centres

Squire’s launch ‘Sustainability Champions’ programme

Squire’s ‘Sustainability Champions’ with Chairman Sarah Squire (front left) and Sustainability Manager Ross McEwan (back left)

Squire’s Garden Centres has launched their ‘Sustainability Champions’ programme. One or two team members from each of their sixteen garden centres have volunteered to be ‘Sustainability Champion’ for their centre. They have been tasked with unlocking passion for sustainability at a local level. They will be a source of advice and inspiration to colleagues, and will help drive change from within by identifying workable solutions to help make Squire’s become a more sustainable business.

A Sustainability Champions launch event was held at Squire’s in Shepperton in November. As well as discussing key environmental issues and reviewing recent energy efficiency audits, the champions also benefited from talks and brainstorming sessions led by Planet Mark – an internationally recognised organisation that helps measure and reduce the carbon footprint of businesses.

Champions will create a Squire’s community committed to creating a better future for the business, their colleagues and their customers. They will be the lead environmental voices at local level, and will share insights and successes, monitoring progress on their journey.

Sarah Squire, Chairman of Squire’s, said, “We are all increasingly aware of the fragility of the earth and the need to protect the beautiful, unique planet we call home. We are working on a number of projects to help make Squire’s a more sustainable organisation, and one of these is our ‘Sustainability Champions’ programme. It’s very exciting to see the passion that our colleagues have for sustainability and their desire to make a difference. Through our energy audits we have already identified a number of zero to low-cost measures to help drive down our energy consumption. This is our starting measure to be a more sustainable business and our Champions will drive this programme forward at each of our garden centres, sharing knowledge and taking some ownership of local environmental impacts.”


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