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Squire’s New Grow-Your-Own Summer Innovations

Squire’s Garden Centres is getting summer ready with a range grow-your-own ‘edibles’ to include the tastiest tomatoes, handy mini vegetables, as well as a range of cooking-themed herb pots. The creations have been made possible as a result of Squire’s horticultural experts working in partnership with growers at its very own nurseries on the West Sussex-Surrey borders.

With a focus on delivering more grow-your-own possibilities for customers, Squire’s set about creating their Really Tasty Tomatoes range. The varieties grown have been specifically selected as they offer the very best taste, delivering moreish sweet notes and, importantly scoring high in the Brix Scale*, the horticultural industry’s measurement of sweetness and quality. The selection, available throughout May, includes Cherry Baby, Gardeners Delight, Chocolate Cherry and Cocktail Crush.

Planting & Care Tips: these tomatoes can be eventually transferred into grow bags or larger pots or placed in the border.

Kitchen Buddies (available May-June) comprises a range of mini vegetables, perfect for keeping close at hand on the windowsill, a balcony or at the backdoor. The range has been cultivated to deliver masses of smaller veg making them perfect for handy and healthy snacking and great for lunchboxes. delivering a little ‘plant happiness’ too, more fruit can be harvested! The range, presented in 1.5 litre pots, includes Patio Baby Aubergine, Snack Red Pepper, Pot of Gold Sweetcorn, Mini Sweet Cucumber and Basket of Fire Pepper. Planting & Care Tips: Kitchen Buddies can eventually be transferred into grow bags or larger pots or placed in the border.

Squire’s Kitchen Companions (available early May) is a range of innovative herb combinations, perfect for summer culinary creations. The Kitchen Companions range brings three complementary herbs presented together in one pot (3.2 litre), each with a different culinary theme. The inspiration for the range comes from seasonal cooking and having a selection of well-matched herbs close to hand – in the kitchen or stationed by the BBQ – to spontaneously add to a dish. Choose from ‘Pizza & Pasta’, ‘Mexican Medley’, ‘Great for Grilling’, ‘BBQ Marinade’ and ‘Mint Medley’. Planting & Care Tips: Kitchen Companions can remain in their pots or be transferred into the ground in the herb area of the garden.

Squire’s Plant Expert, Jeremy Hall comments: “We wanted to bring our customers something a little different when it comes to our grow-your-own plant offer.  We hope this will inspire people to grow their own and try something new this summer – and perhaps even give a little inspiration for  meal preparation.

“We live and breathe plants at Squire’s – as we say, we are ‘Plant Happy’! We want our customers to benefit from the joy that growing plants brings. There is nothing better than reaping the rich rewards of growing your own in spring and summer, as well as the health and wellbeing benefits of lovely homegrown fruit and vegetables.

“Having our own nurseries, based in the West Sussex countryside, enables us to combine our horticultural expertise and plant knowledge to develop exclusive plant ranges to delight and inspire our customers. In addition, customers can also be reassured that plant miles have been kept to a minimum, coming from our own nursery, close to many of garden centres.”

Note: *Really Tasty Tomatoes score high in the horticultural industry Brix Scale, a means of measuring the sweetness or sugar content. The tomato Brix Scale refers to the sweetness measurement of tomatoes and is important because it is a reliable reference to the quality of taste. 

Above: Squire’s Plant Expert with the new Really Tasty Tomatoes range.


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