Squire's Plants a Tree for Queen Elizabeth II - Squires Garden Centres

Squire’s Plants a Tree for Queen Elizabeth II

Squire’s Garden Centres has planted a special tree, Queen Elizabeth’s Tree, in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II, in a planting programme which took place in all its 16 centres across Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, North and West London.

Following the passing of Her Majesty, each centre team chose a British tree to plant in their grounds as a way of marking the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by a special dated commemorative plaque, titled ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Tree’. 

Sarah Squire, Chairman of Squire’s Garden Centres, comments: “The planting of a British tree in each of our centres, is a small way of thanking our late Queen for her long and outstanding service to our nation.  Each centre team selected a native tree that would be appropriate to be planted in their grounds and in a space that could be enjoyed for many years to come by our customers and future generations.”

Photo: Squire’s Garden Centre Managers with Sarah Squire, Chairman, Squire’s Garden Centres (sixth from left) and Martin Breddy, Managing Director, Squire’s Garden Centres (seventh from right)


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