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Stars beat angels and fairies to the top of the Christmas tree

Stars, fairies and snowflakes are some of the most popular tree toppers say Squire’s Garden Centres

Christmas is a magical time of year. The sparkling lights, festive decorations and of course the beautiful tree in your home which really signals that Christmas has begun.

Some people love a multi-coloured tree with an assortment of colourful decorations, while others prefer more of a chic, minimalist look. But there’s one thing that most people agree on, and that is that there has to be something on top of your tree. But what should you put there?

Squire’s Garden Centres conducted a survey to find out what the most popular item is to put on top of the Christmas tree.

A star was the winner, with nearly half of people who responded (46%) putting one on top of their tree. The next most popular decoration was an angel, chosen by 27% of people, while 18% prefer a fairy to adorn the top of their tree.

A small number of people (6%) go non-traditional, and choose to have something else on top of their tree. Father Christmas was a popular non-traditional option, with other people choosing to place a decoration that their children had made, no matter how many years ago! And 3% of people, bah hum bug, said that they would have nothing on top of their tree!

However, with more than half of people saying that they will be buying new decorations this year, here are some ‘fab-yule-ous’ items that you could put on top of your tree.

  1. Star – the number one choice, go for gold, silver or red for a classic look
  2. Angel – the second most popular option to sit on top of the tree
  3. Fairy – a pretty fairy in ice white, silver glitter, deep red or gold will look good on your tree
  4. Snowflake – a golden snowflake will bring a touch of class to your living room
  5. Red Furry Snome – great fun for children and adults!
  6. Clip On Crazy Curls – clip three or four onto the top of your tree for a starburst effect
  7. Faux twigs or berries – botanical decorations are increasingly popular this year, try clipping a classic rosehip spray with gorgeous red berries to the top of your tree

More than one tree

The survey by Squire’s also found that 11% of people are planning on having more Christmas trees in their house this year than they did last year, with 30% of respondents saying that they would have two trees, and 11% are planning on having three or more trees!

When to put the tree up?

60% of people questioned will be putting their Christmas tree up in the first two weeks of December. 30% plan to put their tree up fashionably late from 16th December onwards, but there are a few early birds out there, with 10% of people putting their tree up in November, and some already put it up in October!

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