November Gardening Tips - Squires Garden Centres

November Gardening Tips


The hour may have changed but there is still plenty to enjoy doing in the garden.

What could be more rewarding than planting with all the anticipation that entails? So, finish planting tulips, plant new deciduous shrubs and trees and deciduous hedges and continue to plant and divide perennials (cottage garden plants).

Sometimes it is necessary to move plants and now is the time to do it.  If you need to move established plants, cut back longer shoots and dig out the plant with as large a root ball as possible for replanting in a prepared planting hole deeper and wider than the root ball.

To really get the circulation going, dig over the vegetable patch and add well-rotted organic matter such as homemade compost or composted stable manure. It is also time to winter prune established bushes and fruit trees (not stone fruits such as plums and cherries).


You may be relieved to mow the lawn for the last time this year. Do raise the blades of the mower to their highest setting.