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December Gardening Tips 2023

This is the time of year when houseplants really come into their own, bringing colour, texture and, in some cases, scent inside. But before we explore some of the best festive flora for indoors, what about a plant that flowers its socks off outside, from winter to early spring? I am referring to Christmas Roses, […]

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November Gardening Tips 2023

I was looking out onto a rather blustery car park at our Twickenham garden centre as I began to write this, but the view was salvaged by the most wonderful autumn colour coming from the trees planted there. The Maple family has so much to offer this time of year (and in fact all year […]

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Autumn Gardening

October Gardening Tips 2023

So far September has treated our garden to a sizzling start and a rather damp middle. I think this has led our flowering plants to believe it is still high summer. I have never seen our Roses looking so good in September. The stars of the show are ‘Rural England’ and ‘Litchfield Angel’ either side […]

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September Gardening Tips 2023

It may not have been the best weather for the school summer holidays, but if our garden is anything to go by, the plants have enjoyed the mix of warm and wet weather we have seen in August. The weather has certainly extended the flowering season of a number of plants. Our Roses are in […]

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August Gardening Tips 2023

On one of our new bags for life we have the slogan ‘there’s no such thing as too many plants’. It is a sentiment that I have clearly taken to heart! Last week I bought alstroemeria ‘Summer Skies’ which is a lovely creamy yellow. I used it to fill a gap in our newish yellow […]

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