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How To Grow Tomato Plant From Seed

What will I need?

To start off, you will need the following:

  • Tomato seeds (any variety)
  • Seed & cuttings compost
  • Compostable pots
  • Seed tray and lid
  • Watering can (with fine rose)
  • Growing bag tray
  • Growing bag and halo supports
  • Canes and string
  • Tomato feed

Step 1

Fill compostable seed pots with
compost – these make potting-on
easy at a later date, and use no plastic.

Step 2

Gently push two or three tomato
seeds into each pot, and cover with a thin layer of compost.

Step 3

Lightly water the compost.

Step 4

Cover the seed tray with a
lid to encourage germination, and
place in a heated greenhouse or on
a sunny windowsill.

Step 5

When the seeds germinate, remove
the weakest seedlings leaving
one to grow into a sturdy baby plant.

Step 6

When the tomato plants are about
20cm/8ins tall, plant into a growbag, covering the bottom
third of the stem with compost (this
makes the plant more stable).

Step 7

Add a bamboo cane for support,
and tie the plant loosely to the cane
with string. If you’re using a horizontal style growbag, with
circular holes, a plant ‘halo’ is a simple way to support the cane
and it also makes watering easier.

Step 8

Water tomato plants daily, in the
morning or in the evening, and apply tomato feed once the flowers appear.

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