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January Gardening Tips 2024

The garden and the process of gardening, are definitely a source of hope in a somewhat troubled and frantic world as we enter 2024. Planting, nurturing and looking forward to harvest are acts of faith in the future. Regardless of the geopolitical situation, the seasons roll on and we know that spring will come, warmer days will follow and the garden will bloom and thrive again.

In fact, there is already a lot going on under, and on top of the soil. So far it has been a pretty mild (but wet) winter. The green shoots of spring flowering bulbs are already emerging in my garden. Hellebores give great winter impact, but it is the diminutive, highly fragrant flowers of witch hazel which are my personal favourite, almost secret, but there if you look, unobtrusively doing their thing and getting on with it.

Talking of getting on with it, look out for seed potatoes which are available now, ready for chitting before planting later in spring. I am always tempted by bright seed packets, veg and floral, that set me thinking what it might be fun to propagate this year. Very soon it will be the turn of the summer flowering bulbs to arrive.

January is also a great time to plan a new border or a new garden project, from hard landscaping to cutting a new border or planting a hedge to building a pond to encourage wildlife. The better the preparation the smoother the project and the finer the result.

Somewhat more prosaically, now is the best time to get your mower serviced and don’t forget to clean and sharpen garden tools.  

Another feel-good and worthwhile activity is to make sure your garden birds have a source of water and food over the winter. Collect your reward in colour and song.

For an immediate  ‘pick me up’ right now, nothing beats a planted container of bulbs just about to flower. I am never without some hyacinths in the house this time of year.

Sending you our warmest regards for a Happy New Year and all good gardening wishes for 2024!

From all of us at Squire’s


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