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Calibrachoa (Million Bells) Growing Guide

Native to South America, these dense, colourful and trailing flowers have been exported all over the world since the 1800s and have proven enduringly popular. Closely related to the Petunia, Million Bells (or Calibrachoa, after the Mexican botanist Antonio de la Cal i Bracho) are hardier and longer blooming, making them a favourite in gardens up and down the country. Million Bells are very suited to containers, particularly hanging baskets, and this is because of their dense, trailing habit, which sees cascades of colour spilling gracefully over the edge. Importantly, Million Bells never stretch out in a long and spindly fashion, but rather remain tightly packed together as they escape the basket, resembling somewhat a head of flowery hair! This, combined with their long blooming time (spring to frost) help make them a solid choice for everything from a large gardens to a couple of hanging baskets on a balcony.