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Geranium Growing Guide

Geraniums – also known as Pelargoniums – are one of Britain’s best loved flowers, and for good reason. Although it is important to remember that they are not frost hardy, geraniums are perennial, and so are a winning choice to provide splashes of Mediterranean colour to your garden for months on end. If grown inside or in greenhouses, these flowers can delight all year round. Famous for flowers which range from ruffled clusters against deep green foliage to small dashes of colour, these highly ornamental flowers have become so popular that there is even a national society – The Geranium and Pelargonium Society – dedicated to their cultivation up and down the country.

Geraniums are found in most abundance in the eastern Mediterranean region, which accounts for their sunny associations, but are native right across Europe and Asia. They have been with us a long time in Britain and are well adapted to our climate, able to grow in almost any soil.

Geraniums take their name from the Greek word for ‘crane’ and are so called because of their truly unique method of seed dispersal. In a true wonder of a nature, the geranium disperses its seeds from columns, which resemble the long bill of a crane and which spring outwards under pressure, casting the seeds an impressive distance from the plant. This amazing mechanism also gives rise to another common name for this flower – the cranesbill.

A geranium with a cluster of its flowers the colour of hot-pink in full bloom
A cluster of lovely hot-pink and purple geraniums growing next to each other
Very bold hot-pink-red geraniums
Vibrant, attractive pink and red geraniums in full flower
A lovely ivy-leaved geranium with hot and pale pink flowers
Lovely decorative geraniums hot-pink on the inside of the flower petals becoming paler on the outside
Lovely red geraniums standing out amongst green foliage
A striking geranium flower with deep-pink inner and white outer coloured petal


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