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Fuchsia Growing Guide

As iconic as they are popular, Fuchsia’s are famous the world over for bringing dazzling displays of pastel pink, violet and white to spring and summer gardens. Famous for their distinctive pendulous bell shaped flowers, Fuchsias normally grow as a shrub or small tree, and are famous for adorning beds, borders, hanging baskets and even hedges with teardrops and petal whorls of colour. Although Fuchsia flowers appear to be a very delicate beauty, the plant can be grown to be surprisingly hardy and perennial, able to survive the winter with proper care. Although named after the famous German botanist Leonhart Fuchs, this beautiful species was actually first discovered by a French monk, Charles Plumier, on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola (today’s Haiti and Dominican Republic). First introduced into English gardens in the 18th century, the plant soon exploded in popularity. Today, you’ll find Fuchsias in gardens everywhere, from their homelands in the New World to as far east as Japan. This arresting species is so popular, there is even a British Fuchsia Society dedicated to the cultivation of the plant up and down the country. Fuchsias come in hardy and bedding varieties, with some important differences when it comes to planting and over-wintering. Much of the care, however, is the same for the two.