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Growing Your Own Vegetables

When it comes to growing your own vegetables, it might well seem that there are as many things to consider as vegetables you can grow. Yet people up and down the country regularly engage in this most rewarding of activities. Our climate is well suited to a range of different vegetables, from lettuce to carrots to beetroot, and no matter what kind of home you have, it
With vegetable growing, space is probably the prime consideration. Many vegetable growers work from a plot in the garden, which can vary significantly in size, but you can also grow vegetables in greenhouses, containers and even in pots on your windowsill.

Beyond space, there’s also cost to consider. Many gardeners prefer to grow those vegetables which cost a bit more to buy from the supermarket – there are quite a few savings to be made in growing your own. An example here would be leeks, which are commonly grown because they tend to be a bit pricey when found on supermarket shelves, so why not save some money, and you’ll find that over time the saving becomes quite significant.

Freshness has also become one of the main reasons many are choosing to get a plot going. Wherever you buy vegetables, from the major supermarket chain right down to the organic farmer’s market, there’s always going to be some time involved between the vegetables being harvested and entering your kitchen after the drive home. With some vegetables this isn’t really a problem; but what about the spring onions or baby carrots which deteriorate in taste and texture with every hour beyond harvest time which they remain uneaten?

Ultimately, be it space, cost or freshness, there will be many factors behind your decision of what to grow (not least taste!) but it’s always important to establish this before you undertake your home growing endeavour. Produce too many perishable delights and the majority could wind up in the compost bin, overestimate the space involved and you might find you’re target harvest proves difficult to hit.But of course, vegetable growing is open to all, and seems to be as popular as it’s ever been. Read on for both general instructions and some handy vegetable-specific advice.

Soil preparation is key when growing your own vegetables
You can grow all kinds of vegetables at home with the right care and conditions


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